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About Us

Family Owned Car Buying Business

We are a family owned business who have been in and around cars for decades. Our father used to dabble with cars and was always trying to fix up "old jalopies" as he called them and we invariably got to drive the cars he could fix up when we got our driver's license. We had a used car lot for years but when the recession hit, it became too competitive to stay the course so we went back to buying cars and either fixing them or sending them to the salvage yard. We have several junkyards as partners and it's where we also find a lot of our used parts when getting old cars back on the road.

We work this business every day and we don't sit around dreaming about selling new cars and taking two hour lunches. We work getting old cars, junk cars and wrecked cars to the right place to get the most money for the car to you; the original owner. If we think you're not asking enough for your car, we'll tell you and try to give you the best guess of what your car is worth. If you've been fooled into thinking the problem with your car was incorrect, we'll tell you. Many times unscrupulous mechanics will tell you need a new engine when a new timing chain may be the issue. We get cars all the time with much simpler problems than what the owner was originally told about. We buy cars. We pay cash for the cars and we will give you a fair price for the car so that you come back to us. We'll do our best to be on time when we pick them up and pay you the most we can for your car.

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